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UK Trademark Attorney

Albright Patents LLP is an experienced UK Trademark Attorney based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We can assist you with applying for trademark registration both in the UK and around the world and then subsequently enforcing your legal rights, as and when required.

Selecting Your Trademark or Brand Name

Do you have an idea for a trademark or a brand name? Make sure your trademark or brand name meets the legal criteria for registrability to save you time and money in the future. More Information »

UK Trademark Procedure

So, you have selected your trademark or brand name and checked that is is available for use and registration. What next? Here we present an overview of the UK trademark registration procedure. More Information »

Trademark Search

Do you have a possible trademark or brand name in mind for your goods or services? Carry out a trademark search to establish that the trademark is available for use and registration. More Information »

Beyond the UK

Do you require trademark protection overseas? We can help you obtain trademark protection outside of the UK. Albright Patents LLP work with an extensive network of overseas trademark attorneys. More Information »

UK Trademark Attorney
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UK Trademark Attorney

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